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West Pymble’s iconic Du Plessy Pralin and Otello shop is a beacon for chocolate lovers all over Sydney.


It was the current owner Paul Adam’s parents, Marcel and Martha, who founded Du Pressy Pralin at Pymble in 1961.


Marcel had learned his craft as a master pastry chef and patisserie in Switzerland.


Following a period in London after the Second World War, where he cooked for Winston Churchill, Marcel and Martha left their Strasbourg, France, home and migrated to Australia.


After working at the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme, they moved to Sydney where they opened Du Plessy Pralin in Pymble, pioneering the delicious hand-made chocolates and building the reputation so richly deserved.


Paul took over the business, joining his mother Martha, after Marcel passed away in 1979.


In 1988 Paul expanded the business by purchasing Otello Chocolates of Mosman.


At its present home in the West Pymble shopping centre, Du Plessy Pralin offers a delicious assortment of special gateaux and chocolates, including its renowned after-dinner slices in a variety of flavours.


Paul’s Easter and Christmas chocolates are special treats for any connoisseur of fine food.

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